LOLS projects are managed by FCiências.ID.

In some particular cases, FCUL can also be directly responsible for the management of R&D and service contracts.

In the case of European Union programmes, FCUL is considered as a third party with respect to FCiências.ID.


LOLS researchers are also affiliated to other R&D units, therefore enabling optics and photonics challenges, in space sciences and biological and biomedical engineering, to be tackled:


PHOTONICS APPLICATION AREAS [LOLS projects (22-2-2013) (pdf, 7.2 MB)]

Space (civil and military) and Astrophysics

  • Optical Navigation of satellites
  • Optical Metrology for satellite formation flying and instrument internal metrology
  • Instrument processors and instrument simulators

Security and Defence

  • Optical Security
  • Security of infrastructures
  • Simulation for training in defence systems
  • Battle Lab

Metrology and Quality

  • Primary Metrology of vibrations
  • Applied length metrology

Equipments for Industry and Services

  • Industrial tools and systems, space, defence, printing, culture, cartography, environment

Laser applications

  • Laser processing of materials
  • Optical methods for surface analysis
  • Optical characterization of materials
  • Light propagation in media

(ST)3 - Spatio-Temporal SysTem STudies

  • Applications in Epidemiology